Wednesday, 23 August 2017

“Tis hatched and shall be so” ― William Shakespeare

We hatched a plan and though we had many bites, there was only one taker. So Bobbie, Gary and I had a fabulous time! We decided to combine a little culture with paddling. We suggested a paddle out from Brigus to Cupids and take in the Taming of the Shrew at Perchance theater in Cupids.
It was only a 5k paddle to get to Greenland Beach, just south of Burnt head in Cupids, but the play was a matinee, so we enjoyed a leisurely picturesque paddle to our camping site. Conditions were beautiful! The most beautiful NL summer day!
After all the boats left for the morning, we put in at the slip in Brigus:
 11:00 we were on our way :)
 It didn't take long to round the Light house.
 Some gorgeous passages along the way.... Bobbie took the camera for a while :)

 ....scouting the campsite.

We set up camp, (Last year we set up camp in the saddle of Burnt Head) ,had a quick lunch and set off through the woods for the Taming of the Shrew! It was fantastic!! Hilarious and superbly acted!! And there was a reception with lemonade afterwards! What a great time! :)
... on the walk to the Theater  the saddle ahead is where we camped last year.
You might have to zoom in t see the tent.... but we could see the ocean on both sides :)

You might have to zoom in to see the kayaks..... this year's site was much easier to access.

We put our beer in the water to cool and Bobbie also put her yogurt in. We thought we had them secured with rocks until I saw Bobbie rescuing a couple of cans and a yogurt floating away!!! :)

And of course, the fire was lovely and fun! :)

The morning was hot and still.... we decided to take the hike to the B &B by the Theater for breakfast... to be good tourists and help the sal communities :) highly recommend  this spot!!

 We had to remind ourselves that we were looking at Belle Island and we weren't so far away from home!

We spent some time paddling around the arch and taking pictures and videos :)

Cupids is a good name for this place ! :)

Time to head home.....
The water was so clear.... I was checking if this trap had a guest..... job to say, ... tempted to pull it up... joking.not joking!!! lol

On the way back, we took our time and paddled around the south side of the Birgus Harbour. Such a pretty place to paddle!

We took out at the beach by the Church as there was a lot of boat traffic for the slip. It turned out to be a better place anyway :)

Thanks Bobbie and Gary for some great memories!! )... and coconut clusters :)

Monday, 10 July 2017

My First Lead

So after doing my level 2 last year, it was time to begin Leading some level 1 paddles, so Shane approached me to Lead the Conception Bay paddle in June. I was excited and so happy to do the first one of the season. So much fantastic support from all my paddle buddies...we had 7 sweeps :)
It was a great fun day!! 26 paddlers in 25 boats....the most paddlers I have been with at once!
Here are some pix of the day:

     Time for....

lunch at Ezekiel Cove

 This cave, which I learned is a old Adit from a Silver mine, is a very deep home for many bats and who knows what else!! Some of the Brave went inside for a look :)
 pic by Tony.
His blog of the day is here.
Thanks Tony! :)

we pretty much followed the shoreline to up along the Goat Shore and then crossed back to Ballyhack point. Some went directly to the dock from there, and others took the scenic route along the shore again to the sunken ship and then the dock.

Thanks Hazen and Ron for getting me set up.... thanks to all sweeps :).... and everyone for a Great day on the water!!