Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Tuesday, June 14th, my new 'man' arrived :) there were lots of jokes and almost a shower put off for the waiting of the arrival of my new Tempest 165 Pro... Fiberglass beauty!

So shiny and bright and gorgeous!!! I waited more than 2 months and made a great friend in Don Clarke at Outfitters, who never gave up during this crazy process to get Rikki here!! THANK YOU DON!!!

Don texted me to let me know Rikki was in and ready....  I had to come pick him up from work to go out to get it together... he was as excited as me to finally see this day and this boat!

Don used to work in a decal shop and had a favor called in to have the name Rikki put on the bow.... a very classy surprise ....he shed blood for this!

Pete had the inspection done and the guys loaded Rikki on my car ...

I was so excited... I had a lot of work to do, but Rikki was getting out in the water!

I texted Tony that it was Rikki Time and he met me ready and waiting at St. Phillip's for the 'maiden voyage' :)

Tony captured the event  (click here) roll and all :)

Rikki felt great! I thought it would be  tricky and tippy going from the Tsunami to the glass Tempest, but it was a smooth transition. Stability, Check. Rolls, Check. Rikki Rocked! So off we paddled towards Topsail to see if we could find the crew and to give Rikki a good stretch after the long journey ! :)

(Pic from Tony's blog)

We could see no guys, but what a great ride! Smooth, easy, amazing glide.... turns if I just think about it :)
We had a great paddle and we did eventually meet up with some of our paddle buddies... great to finally introduce them to Rikki! :)

Thanks Don for your exceptional customer service and for the friendship we made through this journey of waiting! Thanks Tony for being there spontaneously and capturing the day for me!
...and thank you Terry for sending me the link to  buy this boat! I promised Terry I would buy him a tea when Rikki came... he's waited a long time for that also! :)

So glad to have the whole summer to look fwd to with many paddles and excursions with Rikki !!!....and the best of paddling buddies anyone could ever find!

PADDLE ON!!!!!! :)

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