Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Flags and Chutney?

June 25th was a second attempt to go from Middle Cove to Flatrock.
... but first things first....... back on Nov 29th, 2015, Brian, me, Shane and Dean set our destination for Flatrock in the wintry active waters of Middle Cove.

 Gerard came by and said no way, as the beach had dumping waves, the water was very active and would be bigger as we went out, and there was weather in the distance.... and me and Shane were eager newbies that would probably need rescuing.
He might have been right, but Dean and Brian felt confident in us and that the conditions would allow a rescue if necessary. So a lesson in how to launch in dumping waves, and we were good to go :)

Check Dean's blog out on this day :) Some very cool pix and a couple of videos :)

The 4 of us set out with smiles as we made a successful launch over the cresting waves.

We had a blast, but made it only as far as the point off Herring Cove in Torbay. As we rounded the point the wind and driving snow was in our faces, so we headed back for a lunch at the pier in Torbay...
(photo by Dean)

 "Cathy... what do you think of our knives??? :) :)" .... really??? :) lol

... a few more pix of that day:

 This Photo and next by Dean

We tucked into a calm cove for a break...It was sweet paddling while it snowed!

I love this pic of Dean :)

Shane.... we've come a long way since Blueberry and the Beast! ... to Lucy and Rikki :)
Sounds like a disney movie and a 60's TV show :)

Brian taking a rest and catching snow flakes on his tongue :)

So Julie, my sister who lives in Flatrock and is a massage therapist like no other!

... just sayin, to all my muscular paddle buddies :) (Ask Gerard, Dave and Shane :)... Shameless plug for Julie :).....was waiting on the Beamer in Flatrock with a flag to wave us in, and a bottle of Pumpkin chutney for us all ... well we didn't make it.... but we decided we would come again another fairer day..........we had many laughs and a very fun day!

So back to the future,....June 25th.... we tried again!
This time, it was much warmer and calmer!

I met Des :) First time paddling with him :)

Quite a calm and warm day :)  (Tony and Terry)

 So Terry, about that shoulder.... maybe Julie will be at the Beamer this time and take care of you! :)

At one point Terry said to me that I must be so happy... finished school, paddling in Rikki (my new shiny boat), and on a fabulous date with 6 great guys :)
I'm not sure which of these 3 awesome things tops the other, but he got it right!! :)
I've been 'dating' these guys every Wednesday night and every weekend since last August..... they are the BEST! ....and they don't mind or notice that I am a girl :)... and  I just can't exhale fully enough to be done school for the summer! .... and then to be free in my awesome new fibreglass Rikki... all I could say to Terry was YES!!!

So... here are a few pix of a great day of freedom and joy, nature in it's beauty and some fabulous people to paddle with... ALL THE TIME!!!

Gary entering a cave:

Hazen next to a great wall of our great Island :)

 Seagulls nestled in the nooks and crannies, watching us as we watch them :)

Terry taking his chances with bird bombs... he stayed clean :)

If you look closely, you can see some of the nice choices for nesting...

Ice bergs yet to meet :)

Interesting hand railing the beautiful shoreline:

It's nice to hang back for these shots :)

This berg was aggressively chomping at the rocks that would not let it into the channel of the Beamer.... we had fun exploring this one and the colours were like nowhere else that you can compare!... unless you have been close to icebergs in the sun :)

There was a little swell helping the berg eat the rock, and at times it seemed alive, trying to get over to eat us, but we just enjoyed the show :)

And probably tormented the hungry berg.

After a while, we proceeded on through the channel..... it was tropical (except for the reality check of the berg in the distance ).... you see the jungle of sea weed below, through the calm, clear water...

Just at the end of the channel, the rocks gradually sloped into the sea, providing a playground for a while... we caught some lively swells taking us over the rocks ... some exciting moments here.... you can catch a few on Tony's blog of this day.

Lunch on the rocks.... no Julie, no pumpkin chutney... she was on a hike with friends.... we'll have to come again ... and again :)

On the way back, some of the guys tempted the ice berg and went between it and the rocks....  not me! :)   Terry and Hazen:

More seagulls people/kayaker watching :)

 Haze-in a haze :)

Checking out more caves with Gary and Tony:

 We had fun making echoes in this cave.... Tony went so deep in the cave and almost got swallowed!

By the time we got back to the Beach in Middle Cove, there were a lot of people enjoying the day in the sun and sand and pebbles. A few children ran to us in excitement, complimented my 'nice boat' :), asked for a roll from Terry which he obliged to their delight,  and asked if we saw the icebergs, to which we gave them our melted bergy bits. They were so excited and started eating the ice and giggled off to show their parents.

It was a wonderful day to celebrate freedom and friends on a great adventure! Thanks guys for another one of my top 50  great 'dates'! :)


  1. Missed the first one but super looking back at the second!

    Tony :-)

  2. Oh I remember that paddle in November!
    Love looking back at old posts and remembering the day!
    The recent one looks fun too, but I won't forget the launch/landing or paddling in the snow!