Friday, 15 July 2016

From Ice to Sooo Nice!

Cape  Broyle by Winter was spectacular!!!!! It was my most favorite paddle of the winter. See Tony's Blog. On Sunday, June 12th, we decided to paddle there again and this time, what was ice then, was tropical now!... well that is if you have on a dry suit and cover your blow hole! :)

 I just love kayak convoys :) ... and the anticipation of a fabulous adventure to unwrap!

Let the unwrapping begin! :)

We were chatting about what to wear under our dry suits because  we have been so used to the cold weather kayaking all winter and today was a beautiful summerish day! One layer was even warm.... We thought that we'll just have to roll to cool off ... but we'll see :) 

We spent a little time dipping our bows into the falls here... we couldn't get here in the winter with ice flows in the cove.

We stopped to admire a determined little stream finding its way around the geography to get to the ocean :) 
Then it was caves time :)

... and cliffs time...

... and .....

 tunnel time....

And more caves time....

Tony took this shot as we passed Freshwater Cove. I was wanting to stop to get in the falls. We were behind the group after making sure every cave was visited, so we decided we would catch these falls on the way back ... maybe. 

It was so nice to see the water falling freely after this picture Tony took when we were here in March:

We didn't get to refresh in Freshwater Cove Falls... yet..... but we did take advantage to cool off under these falls....

... which looked like this on the winter paddle, and very much more 'refreshing'  :)

(both pix by Tony :)

... and it was back to the coolness of the shelter of more caves....

I love the instant drop in temperature and the smell and closeness of the wet rocks and the echo and the amazing thought that you are underground on the ocean!.... there is a funny saying... not sure the source, but it goes: " don't piss off a kayaker... they know places where you can't be found" :) *lol*

We stopped for lunch in Lance Cove. Dean had to fix his seat. A strap broke while he was rolling up in a passage that got gnarly really fast!Here's my theory, which may or may not be a true story :).... Last weekend Dean was in Placentia and took a big gulp of the tasty soup under the bridge. Shane and Terry got a chance to rescue the teacher :)  Dean had 7  years of successful rolls and he wasn't going to take a swim here today... so he did a strap breaking hip snap to make sure Jenny was coming upright again! :) That's my take :)
... Clyde... no!
Seat secured, we settled in to a lovely lunch, with the small dumping surf on shore and a Eagle's sea stack just off the beach... it was a beautiful picnic view :)

Julie always brings cookies for everyone... so nice! :)

We had to visit the famous Cathedral cave and hang out chatting in the open water off the Southeast headland before retracing our paddle tracks :) 

So,..... you know when a shower is so good you just don't want to get out?...especially if you are showering with friends!?!  :) Ha :) ..... well...on the way back, we did stop in Freshwater Cove for a rest in the sunny rocks on the beach and the most refreshing shower that was the highlight of this paddle for me....I just did not want to get out! 

None of thee shower pix did I take of course... I was too busy showering! :) Thanks to Tony and Clyde for those shots!! :)

Here are are a few waterfall videos of the day. Usually the highlights of this paddle are the caves... they did not disappoint and were their usual breathtaking awesome...... but today, for me it was the waterfalls:
(I hope these work...still new at blogging)

A final reflection: 

 I used to love the serenity and solitude of kayaking solo....and I know that's still there any time I need it... but now..... I can't get enough of this:

Thanks for the Best Spring Paddle of the Year.... Clyde, Tony, Dean, Gary, Julie, Derek

Monday, 11 July 2016

Sea Monsters

Sunday, June 5th, we decided on Bay Bulls. There was an oil rig to check out, just outside the harbour, and an iceberg sitting pretty in the harbour. Shane had gone to the berg solo the week before and we all wanted to have a close look :)
Here are some of our Monster encounters and some of my fave pix of the day:
Getting ready at the boat slip in Bay Bulls. Outfitters vessels to the left.

Chit chatting while waiting for everyone to be on the water. 
Tony to the left, Dave and Clyde.

 First bit of fun to go under the inviting Gaffer VI :) Docked along the shore.
Dave and Tony.

The first monster target.
The West Hercules... Herc is always a great name! 

 Herc doubles as a gull sanctuary :) 
Gary, Andrew, Tony, Dave.

No loud speaker warnings yet to clear away from the rig :) 

So where do you go to hang out and chat with your friends? :)
Clyde and Hazen

Anyone bring tea? :) 
Andrew and Dave.

You know  if that concrete joiner wasn't there we would have all had to paddle through.... Gary might be able to properly name the "joiner" :)

Herc's belly ... saw some workers wave by :)

More workers were on top here and waved to us and deemed us harmless and not going to pirate the rig )

After the rig, we went around the north shore for a paddle and some exploring. I followed Tony through this maze of sea stacks... you could play 'find your paddle buddy'  around these cliffs and stacks! :)

Google map view of our playground  It is in Useless Bay... I disagree. :)

After a few paddles around this playground, we headed up along the shore where the others were exploring more neat passage ways .
Then we rounded the headland and paddled in very active and confused open ocean for about a kilometer till we tucked into Freshwater Cove for a stop before heading back on our quest for more sea  monsters. 

 Google map from playgrounds to Freshwater Cove  There is always someone modeling the back of their Kokatat suit... Not Clyde this time :)

After returning around the headland, we paused for discussions and decisions. When we first padded out of the Harbour, we had passed the large berg seen under Herc here in the distance. We decided we would keep it for the return leg of our journey and cross over to Baboul Rocks, where we could see some ice bergs in distress. They might be needing some attention!

Trapped among the rocks, they danced and raged and gave us a great  chance to check them out. They were rockin and rolling in the swell, and not too happy about being trapped and melting. There were many growlers fizzing and sizzling and some of us snagged a bergy bit for later use :)

yes... some went through!... yes one got tossed in a swell serge and became unexpectedly intimate with the small monster....and made a champion combat roll... no, it wasn't me... I was on self appointed 'make sure everyone's ok duty' :) ....someone's gotta protect these crazy guys! :) They couldn;t be so brave if I wasn't there!! :) *lol*

Clyde. And yes he went through.... no roll  though :)

Same berg, from the trapped side.

site where skillful roll occurred  around the left end knob :)

Tony reading the berg's mind. It's one of his super powers. :) 

After everyone was satisfied with playing with this little monster, we carried on in towards the harbour and headed to the final monster of the day. Looks like a white whale.
Tony, Clyde and Gary cautiously approaching and admiring. Well... I am assuming the cautious part :)

Some of the berg's break away scars.

Apparently we are at low tide... this one is grounded.

Rounding the beast who has made his temporary home in the harbour.

Clyde ... taking his picture before he loses his nerve... nah... ha has no nerves! :)

Gary and Clyde enjoying the encounter. 

Tony getting close and  making friends with the beast.

Of course Clyde has to touch it! I am surprised he didn't try to climb aboard! :) You know he was thinking it!

Gary tucked in nice and cozy- like :)... cuz bergs are so cozy.

What's not to admire? :)

...for a good spell :)

Hazen Chillin' :)

... I guess he was admiring the two beasts ! :)

Dave between 2 monsters. Tony beginning the head back to the boat slip.

Helping each other bring up our boats as....

Pete is getting ready to lead an Outfitters'  tour.

We met a couple of paddlers who joined us for tea, and we had a grand chat as usual, about our adventures and more to come :)
Thank you  Clyde, Tony, Dave, Andrew, Gary and Hazen....  Great day!!! Fabulous experience!