Thursday, 12 May 2016

Out of the Fog

In light of Mother's day, we decided to paddle Saturday this weekend, and it was also the best weather forescast. We set out into the fog from St Philips,  on our way to Brock Pond Falls. Here is Tony and Brian starting up the coast.
The fog was not very thick and created a mysterious looking mist. It was quite nice to padde in it.

Sue and Clyde having a chat with an infinity foggy backdrop.

Brian heading into the fog.

We weren't sure how thick it woud get and we trustd the forecast, that it would burn off. 

Heer is Gary hugging little Tony :).... close to the shore was clear and you could feel the sun trying to break through. 

Clyde trying to find a little swell to play in along the shore. The water below had a lime kool aid color :) ... But maybe I am just seeing everything Lime this week! )

Clyde and Gary Paddling under a fog banket.

Tony passsing a cave with a waterfall. Just one of many little treats for the senses along our way :)

Sue is checking out an Eagle here, who was watching us and forming his assessment of us.....but I couldn't capture its photo in the fog.

The sun was really trying hard and making beautiful layers of the fg

Tony finds another cave with a waterfall and backsed in for a refreshing shower.

Mango is a great color in the fog Sue! :)

...but even mango was fading as she paddled on.

Tony's mango kayak  picking up the efforts of the sun.

Another beautiful treat to paddle by...

 Tony taking a little passage around a rock and enjoying the serenity.

Yes! It's really blue sky!

The sun was really starting to win!

Almost gone and we could fele the rise in temperature!

It didn't take long to heat up!

I had never paddled further than Portugal cove ...this was a beautiful sight to approach!

This is Brock Pond Falls.It cascades over boulders and creates a series of falls all the way down.

Everyone just stopped to look at it for a while. 

Spectacular! What a privileged point of view!

Awesome :)

The sun was beautiful and the water was low and calm, so we tried to find a spot to put our boats up on the rocks to have a little lunch. This was Tony's first option...

...but there really was nowhere for other kayaks, so.....

...although it took significant effort to seure his boat here, , he decided to try somewhere else
 where we could all be closer together. Sorry this video cuts off his really cool seal launch. I was so happy to actually catch a cool video, but my phone was full and decided it would shut down the rest of this launch.

So we all helped each other haul our boats up on the seaweed covered rocks and find a perch for our lunch with a view :)
And Clyde is modeling the back of his dry suit again...right? :)

Tony climbing to get a view where mysef and Gary decided was the most comfy spot and ....

the best view!!

We stayed for an longer lunch than our usual stops because it was beautiful, and no one got chilly today!

Tony found last year\s partridge berries.... I am thinking they were pretty sour!

Sue and Brian fine dining :)

I tried to stall Tony, but he wanted to get back into his boat and into the gorgeous water!

I tried to stall the others too, but they all wanted to be in the picture.... we don;t usually get this point of view :)

So, reluctantly, we left our summer-like picnic ( it had to be mid 20's), and thought of coming back here again sometime, and we headed back towards St Philips. Here's Gary taking it easy.

The seagulls took to flight as we neared them.

I wasn't in a rush to pass under! :)

Brian and Sue

It seemed that there was a lot of birds people watching today.

Clyde trusting he won't get bird bombed )

We met the Greeley's cooking up some fish for lunch....  They weren't taking any orders though :) was definately warm enough, but I bet they were burnt!

On our way again after a friendly chat  :)

Gary taking a break. Lobster traps were set the whole length of the shoreline... I wonder who owns that number!... I was tempted to haul up a trap to see if there was anything in it, but we decided that would not be a good idea for a lot of resons!

There seemed to be something of interest, so I paddled back to see what was going on...

We named him Fipper. He was so lazy soaking up the sun, and didn;t mind to much that we visited for a while. 

this is why we called him Flipper :)

Flipper posing for Clyde :)

When we got back to the Cove, Tony, Gary and Clyde went for coffee/tea, I knew I wouldn't have time today  and I missed sharing that with htem, but the trade off was staying longer at our lunch spot. Thanks Tony, Brian, Sue, Gary and Clyde for a beautful day in every way!

Here's Tony's blog on this day.

And Here's what Shane and Terry were at while we were here.

When we all got home,  Gary said it was 6 degrees in QV and that "we were in the right place today!"


  1. You took a lot of pictures. I really like the one you took of us on the water from your perch! Nice post.

    Tony :-)

    1. I'l have to figure out how to get the videos uploaded properly :)

  2. Thanks Tony,that's one of my favorites too! :)