Friday, 6 May 2016

Caves, Waves, and Saves!

So Sunday, May 1st, was nearing and I was so sick with the flu I didn't know if I would be better enough to get out for the paddle around these caves, from Bay Bulls to Witess Bay! But what a great day and I was so glad to have been able to go!
It would be really easy to just pass by this little shadow opening in the rocks...

but what another world when you go inside!!! Myself and Tony stopped to take this cave in and there is plenty of room inside. Mild swells made entry and exit easy. This is Tony on his way out.

Here are Tony, Brian and Dean about to explore another cave. What beautiful treasures!... the caves I mean :)

This waterfall washed  some of us all clean of salt for a little while ....some people are just saltier than others! :)

Clyde, Dean and Tony playing 'ring around the rosie':

We went through Baboul Rocks and enjoyed a few fun swells to ride on between some of the passages. I'll have to get a go pro to capture those pix!! Another item on my long list of 'need it' gear! 

Here is an entry to a place that years ago was a sink hole. Many many years ago, that rock in the center fell from the land surface above and formed this wonderful sight for us. 
(Source: Caveman G).
It is not very often that the sea will allow you to go around this rock. Sometimes the swells overtake the rock and it can be a tempest in there! ...which is probably what caused the sink hole in the first place!

Everyone made their way around the sink hole rock. To the back and left there is a cave that we stayed around for a while taking in the beauty. Far to the back of that cave, you can see light break through.

The plastic case of my camera was smudgy here, but it gives you an idea of the space behind the rock.The cave is in the darkness behind Brian (red suit). 

Tony is in the cave here...sorry not a good pic, 
Here is what it looks like from his point of view.... I copied this pic from Tony's blog.

 I had to steal this one Tony... I love the ceiling overhang :) Your camera is cooler anyway :)

There is just no end to the caves on this shoreline!! Only kayakers have the priveledge to know them! ....the geologist calls it 'eye candy' 
... Can you see the old wise kayaker face in the rocks keeping watch over Tony? You can know its  a kayaker because it looks like he's wearing a kokatat hat.... 

Win a granola bar prize if you can find it! :)

Here is Derek going inside a cave.

Clyde's boat is glowing going into this cave (sorry!), .... but I just love the gorgeous rocks!!
This next pic is me and Dean waiting and watching and hoping we don't see one of our buddies attempt coming through this tunnel. We were relieved to see them come back to us from around the outside! 

Dean must be telling Derek some ghost story here.... looks like he turned Brian into one!

Below is a look up on the way out of a cave. Hey Larina, I think its the Little Mermaid's cavern :)

Clyde exiting a cave: 

Some caves were larger ...each one magnificent!

I love this one...maybe some talented photographer can fix it up...I'm accepting tenders! :) 

We finally got to a beach in Witless Bay for our lunch, and were very approvingly greeted by a happy, furry welcoming party :)

I asked the dogs to pose for this next pic... so nice of Brian to co-opeate :)

The Puppers expected Brian to either share some lunch or play fetch with their favorite rock. They kept him close company while he ate, nudging the rock closer and closer. Brian tossed the rock over to my feet and they tried me for a while :)
In this next pic, Clyde, Tony and Hazen are amazed at Brian's new hand warming gear :)

I always like the pix of the kayaks together. 
... there's something 'kumbya' about it :)
...or maybe its just that its a whole lot of awesome in one place :)
We could see and feel the fog coming in from the north. It got a little cool compared to the sunny start of the day, but many of us were acclimatized from paddling all winter. Derek was first to put in to begin our paddle back to Bay Bulls. I soon scruffed the dogs' ears a farewell and we turned our bows into the wind. 

So...the journey back was pretty 'uneventful' other than a few surprise waves and a swim and a save :)
I learned that sleepy and sloshy looking seaweed over a few shallow non-intimidating rocks isn't so innocent as it seems :) Apparently (after consulting with my marine biologist daughter), if there is seaweed floating happily over rocks, then the waves are not crashing there... exactly what I thought as I approached the area .... no, the seaweed was safe to grow on these rocks, because just out from that little cozy place, the waves crash unannounced, probably from flat shelflike, lying rocks just below the surface.
This was my first toss. I was glad to gain the experience, and it provided a new and interesting rescue exercise which included me and my boat having a refreshing swim :)

We had a great day, and tea/coffee was my small gesture of thanks today. 
Hazen added some girl guide cookies :)
Thanks to my cavemen paddle buddies for another awesome day on the water! :)
Brian, Tony, Hazen, Clyde, Dean and Brian, you rock rocks! :) 


  1. Nice write up of the paddle Cathy and lots of fine pictures. The caves were a real treat, especially the first one we entered through the narrowest of entries.

    Tony :-)

    1. thanks Tony :) That's my favorite cave too :)

  2. Hey Cathy
    Liked you post. The caves look like an awesome day of exploring. So disappointed I missed your surprise knock over. Brian looks right at home with his friends looking for food.
    Hope to see you Wednesday!

    1. Thanks Shane :) It was an awesome day... don't be disappointed about missing my spill... nothin to see there :)... See you Wednesay if not tonight! :)